An Elephant Affair

February 2020

Arriving at the luxurious River Lodge @ Thornybush last Sunday morning, Trevor Jordan, founder of the Thornybush Nature Reserve was excited to see that renowned Kruger tusker Nsemani was visiting the area again. 


Nsemani, who was named after a water hole, close to the Satara Camp, has been seen in the Thornybush Reserve on a few occasions during the past year.


Easily recognisable by his classically shaped tusks of almost equal length, the impressive bull was holding court over a tranquil breeding group that were quenching their thirst from the River Lodge’s infinity pool.  

Gazing in awe at this magnificent bull, Trevor was momentarily distracted by a very vocal, younger male that appeared to be courting a female. Remarking on the daring youngster’s courage in the face of the imposing tusker, Trevor cast some doubt over the imminent success of his chat up lines!


Just minutes later however, the young bull mounted his willing partner and proceeded to mate with her within chipping distance of the River Lodge deck, on which Trevor stood. 


“I have been developing bush properties for the last 45 years” remarked Trevor “but I have never, ever witnessed elephants mating, and to have this happen just meters away from where I am standing is unbelievable.


The sighting was made even more special by the presence of Nzemani!”

Video by Trevor Jordan

Words by Lisa Harris

Location: The River Lodge at Thornybush


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